Friday, June 22, 2018

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F.O.L. Flexible Office Limited (FOL) was founded in 2004 by Mr Lambros Savva, a Cypriot/Canadian citizen. Mr Lambros Savva had at that time more than ten years of experience in the retails hardware and software industry, and was the holder of a computer sciences degree and Novel Networking Certificate.

By using his experience and vast connections, Lambros decided in 2004 to approach major manufactures and suppliers of laser and ink cartridges within Europe and launch the FOL business.  Since 2004, FOL has served many of the leading European distributors  of high quality laser and ink cartridges, fax and printer machines. At present, FOL offers laser and ink cartridges (both remanufactured as well as originals) for more than 10,000 printer models.
FOL’s main focus is to provide re-sellers with high quality laser and ink printer cartridges that have been remanufactured. If you choose to buy our high quality toner cartridges, you should know that they have been built from recycled plastic cases. Furthermore, our packaging materials are either reused or recycled locally insofar as possible. Even if you choose to purchase OEM’s (originals) from us for your printer, you can still help us to reduce waste by allowing us to recycle your old cartridges

We offer a quality guarantee, excellent service levels at the most competitive prices!

To find out more on how FOL can assist you with your business needs please contact us.